Buy Luggage Online | 3 Winning Strategies For Lightweight Suitcase Travel

With airlines becoming increasingly stingy about baggage allowances, travellers need to find alternate ways to reduce their luggage weight. Since most airlines permit bags between 15kg to 32kg per piece, you'll need to make sure your suitcase is light enough to allow you to carry more clothes and accessories on your holiday. Whether you choose to buy luggage online or in a store, follow these winning strategies for lightweight suitcase travel.  

Go With A Soft Cover

If you buy luggage online and weight is an issue, it's probably best to go with a soft cover because it is almost always lighter than hard covers. Hard cover suitcases are usually made from materials like polycarbonate, which are durable and strong. While this material is relatively light, it is still not as light in weight as soft cover materials like nylon and polyester. Avoid leather covers because they tend to be heavier and are prone to mould and mildew in humid climates. In general, soft shell suitcases are considered lighter, so if you have weight restrictions, then choose soft shell suitcases for your travel needs.  

Say Goodbye To Weight-Adding Wheels

If your trip requires less walking around with your suitcase, then it's probably best to choose a piece without wheels when you buy luggage online. While the idea of wheels sounds exciting because they make it easier to pull your suitcase, keep in mind that these wheels can add weight to it. If weight is a bigger priority, you may have to forego the wheels in favour of a lighter design. Suitcases without wheels are lighter and will give you more packing capacity for your clothes and accessories, so it makes sense to say goodbye to this weight-adding feature.  

Choose Minimal Expandability In Favour Of Light Weight

Expandability may seem like an excellent feature, but it may also cause you to over-pack and go over your airline weight allowance. While soft shell suitcases have some expandability, they usually come in varying degrees with some opening up more than others. If weight is an issue for you, choose a suitcase with minimal expandability to prevent over packing. Ideally, your suitcase should come with stretchable tie down straps because they ensure that you pack lighter. These straps will not shut if you over pack and will secure your items firmly inside to prevent any damage.  

Whether you buy luggage online from a supplier like Sweeney Luggage Centre or from a physical store, be sure to follow these winning strategies for lightweight suitcase travel.

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