A Quick Buying Guide to Rugby Jerseys

Rugby jerseys are often worn by players out on the field, but they can also be a good choice for casual wear when going out with friends. You can show your support for your favorite team with a rugby jersey you wear anytime, but when buying one for sport, you want to take extra time to choose the style that will hold up to the rigors of play. You also want to be as comfortable as possible in your jersey when on the field and not have it get in the way of your movements. To make sure you get the best rugby jersey for your time on the field or off, note a few quick tips.

1. Collar

Some rugby jerseys are sold with what is called an athletic collar, and this actually means no collar at all. The top of the shirt will sit flat against the neck and shoulders. This can be the right choice for playing rugby, as a full collar on other styles of jerseys can rub against the neck, fly up when you're in motion, or otherwise become bothersome.

That being said, you may appreciate the look of a full collar for a rugby jersey you choose for casual wear. A collar can make the shirt seem a bit more formal and less like something you would see on the field, so be sure you understand the difference between a full collar and an athletic collar and choose accordingly.

2. Material

Most rugby jerseys, and most clothing items for that matter, are made of cotton, a poly-cotton blend meaning a mix of polyester and cotton, or just polyester. Cotton is a bit thicker than polyester so it can keep you warm when you're going out at night, but it can actually be uncomfortable when you're on the field and working up a sweat. Polyester is more lightweight and may allow some body heat to escape, so it's better for the field. A poly-cotton blend can be good if you occasionally play rugby and want to wear your jersey during casual days, as it combines the warmth of cotton with the breathability of polyester.

3. Sublimated

Sublimated refers to a special process of dyeing fabric, and this can be the best choice for your rugby jersey when it comes to the stripes and colors on the piece. Sublimated colors will last longer than colors that are just dyed onto the jersey, and the colored areas of the jersey won't crack and fade, as they might with a standard dyeing processes. To invest in a quality jersey that will always look its best, look for sublimated colors.

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