3 Critical Accessories that Make a Laundromat Run Efficiently

Starting a coin laundry business near a college or student apartment is an excellent investment. The reason is that students would rather spend a few coins to use a laundromat than to buy a washing machine and deal with maintenance, water shortages, and energy bills. Moreover, laundromats are social areas where college students can interact over the weekend. Although commercial washers and dryers are the primary driving forces behind a coin laundromat, customers need certain ancillary items. The accessories play a significant role in creating a comfortable, convenient, and efficient laundromat. This article highlights essential accessories that you should add to your coin laundry store to enhance convenience.

Change Machines -- Laundromats are supposed to provide different payment options to customers. However, since your primary target market is college students, the chances are high that they will be paying with coins or tokens. In this case, you need to install change machines since they make payment convenient. Before you buy a change machine, consider what the device accepts (cards or bills) and dispenses (quarters or tokens). For self-service laundromats, choose machines with a bill-changer option since they do not require frequent refills. Most importantly, ensure that security cameras are installed if you are concerned with vandalism. Alternatively, consider change machines that dispense tokens, which students can use to pay for other services.

Laundry Carts -- The last thing you want to see in your laundromat is customers transferring clothes from a washer to a dryer in buckets. Not only is the process slow, but it also takes a toll on their backs. Laundry carts are an excellent addition to a laundromat because they make it easy for clients to transfer clothes from washers to dryers. The laundry carts you choose should be light enough to handle and strong enough to withstand frequent use. Wire carts are the best type since they are lightweight and easy to push.

Laundry Folding Board -- Laundromat customers do not mind picking up their clothes and folding them at home. However, folding a bunch of clothes without help can be frustrating and tiring. It is the reason coin laundry stores invest in laundry folding boards. The simple but effective folders are a game-changer in the laundry business because they can quickly turn a heaping load of laundry into a tidy stack. Buy multipurpose cloth folders that help fold different clothes, such as blouses, sweaters, trousers, or kids' clothing.

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