Five Unusual Benefits Of Sustainable Hemp Clothing

If you're a fan of sustainable fashion, chances are you're already familiar with the many benefits of purchasing hemp clothing. Not only is it made from a natural crop that grows faster than cotton and doesn't require pesticides to grow, but hemp clothing is also incredibly durable, soft and wrinkle-resistant. But did you know that hemp clothing offers a number of other benefits besides the ones listed above? Here are five unusual benefits of sustainable hemp clothing:

1. Sustainable Hemp Clothing Absorbs UV Rays

The hemp plant provides protection from UV rays. The reason this is so interesting is because the fibres of the hemp plant are naturally resistant to ultraviolet light penetration. This means that when you wear sustainable hemp clothing, you're basically getting a natural sunblock built right into your shirt

2. Sustainable Hemp Clothing Dries Quickly

If you've ever owned a garment made from conventional cotton, you know how long it can take to dry after being washed. This fact alone makes hemp clothing more sustainable than most other fabrics on the market today. 

3. Sustainable Hemp Clothing is Anti-Microbial

Bacteria can lead to odour and other problems over time, which is why most fabrics are treated with chemical solutions that prevent bacteria from growing on them. However, these chemicals can be harmful to both your skin and the environment after repeated uses. Luckily, clothes made from hemp are naturally anti-microbial. Hemp fabric is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic because it contains acids that can't be easily replicated by most bacteria. 

4. Sustainable Hemp Clothing Absorbs Water

Because hemp is a naturally porous material, it absorbs water much like a sponge. In fact, hemp fibres are one of the most water-absorbent in the world, next to wool. How does that translate on clothing? It means that your sustainable hemp dress will be good at absorbing sweat.  This is great for those days when you're sweating up a storm and would like to stay dry throughout the day. This is great if you are looking for hemp active wear as you can work out and sweat in natural fibres that won't harvest bacteria.

4. Sustainable Hemp Clothing Is Environmentally Friendly

Hemp is an environmentally friendly fibre because it requires much less water than other crops like cotton, does not require pesticides or herbicides to grow, and can be grown in many places. In addition, hemp uses less energy to process than other fibres, such as cotton and polyester.

Hemp clothing is an excellent choice for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. The material wicks away moisture from the skin, leaving you dry and comfortable. For more information on hemp active wear and sustainable hemp clothing, chat with member of staff today.

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